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Air Freight

With Our Air Freight Service, We Offer Our Customers Express and Economy International Shipping Solutions

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With the entire world in the palm of your hand, Air Freight is the single link that connects B2B & B2C faster than ever. With an array of service options that suite your needs, we work with you to manage those important timeframes without jeopardizing quality service. Our many relationships around the globe enable us to uphold what we stand for: Efficiency, Time Management, and Exceptional Personalized Care.
Our Flagship Air Freight Services

Direct Flight Options

Differed Money Saving Flight Options

Freight Consolidation

Documentation Preparations

Customs Clearance & Bond Applications

ISC Payments & Courier Service

Last Mile Solutions

3PL, Cross Docking, Breakdown, Repalletization

We take each Shipment Personal

All Deliveries Are Implemented With the Ultimate Efficiency and Focus. Do Yourself a Favor And See What Real Logistics Looks Like.

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Super Secure

We want you to feel assured when it comes to your shipping needs. Security is a priority for us, we have strict procedures to ensure just that.

On-Time Delivery

Time will always be a precious commodity to us, that is why we make certain that all our shipments arrive within the estimated time frame.

Great Customer Service

We want to one-up “the satisfactory companies” to an “outstanding” experience for our customers, this is why we have a dedicated team of professionals handling all of your customer service needs.